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Altra Side Menu


The Altra Side Menu is an extension which enables a customizable side menu. This side window can easily be used to set quick access links to social media sites or internal web pages to the user’s website. You can also dynamically add the side menu blocks per your requirement. The user can adjust the position of the side menu buttons by placing the side menu on the left or the right of their web page.

And, in the case they want to provide links to the social media pages of your company on your website, you can very easily associate the details with the Altra Side Menu button and add links to all the social media pages on your homepage. This allows site users to easily visit the social media links of your company.

Please check our Demo Link.

Features :-

Provides a unique way to present short-cuts to the links within the user’s website.
One can dynamically change the details associated with the extension.
For example, one can change the icon/image/menu name/links from the back end.
One can gain quick access to one’s favorite content/products/social Links with this Extension.
Using this extension, one can have internal links to several pages of their website on one page.
The Altra side menu gives the user the flexibility to add the menu buttons as per the user’s requirement.
All side menu settings under one umbrella! Users can choose whether they want to open the link in a new
tab, in a new window, etc.
Setting color for the buttons is easy! Preview color shades on the go as and when you set them.


add new menu layout
manage menu layout
options page layout
front page left side layout
front page right side layout


the plugin and extract the files
Upload \”altra-side-menu\” to your wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the plugin through the \’Plugins\’ menu in WordPress
Check the \”Altra Side Menu\” Tab created by this plugins for setup.
You can upload your images for menu icon, set your menu URL, choose weather you want to display left or
You can use the shortcode [altra-side-menu] in page/post, template tag for php file .


Ques : How use this plugins?

Ans :
Use this shortcode for page/post [altra-side-menu] , for php code use this template tag.

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