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Description plugin creates list of job offers and pages with jobs details and application link. All the informations are automatically downloaded from account.
Perfect solution for company’s career page.
* Account in ATS system is required for proper plugin operations.
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Go to site cockpit, go to the plugins tab and search for HRappka.
Install the plugin and activate it.
In the menu on the right, select the application.
Complete required fields:
A) Enter the portion of the url that will lead to a specific job offer, eg the offer
B) Enter your company’s hash in the HRappka system. You can find it by logging into and going to the Recruitment > Integration with the website module > API.
C) Select a server. The default server is If you have HRappka on your own server, enter its address here.
Save settings.

Optionally, in the offers page tab you can choose the fields you want to hide on the job offer page and enter an additional css code to match the appearance of the widget with the page.

In the Widgets list tab, the codes for all widgets that are added to your account in the system are available. Select the widget you want to insert and then copy its code and insert it on the page.

If you use popular website builders, eg. King composer, on the page where you want to see job offers, click add item, go to the Widgets tab, select, and then select the widget you want to insert.

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