Digilan Token – WordPress plugin Free download

Digilan Token


Turn your WordPress site into a third party for authentication services.


Registration and login with Facebook, Google and Twitter.
Simple to setup and use.
Record user connections in a table with data filtering and csv export.
Display your authentication buttons in any page with widgets.


Create session: DigilanToken::initialize_new_connection()
Authenticate: DigilanToken::authenticate_ap_user_on_wp()
Validate: DigilanToken::validate_user_connection()
Delete user data: DigilanTokenUser::forget_me()
Configure: DigilanTokenActivator::get_ap_settings()


Configure your social providers.
Add your social authentication buttons with a shortcode or a widget.
** To display for example google and facebook given the fact you configured those two providers:
[digilan_token google=”1″ facebook=”1″]
To use the plugin as a widget, go to “Appearance > Widgets” in the admin panel.
Under “Available widgets” section find “Digilan Token Buttons” and “add widget”, then select the providers you want to display.


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