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Helpie FAQ – WordPress FAQ Plugin


Helpie FAQ is an advanced WordPress FAQ Plugin for effortlessly creating, editing and embedding FAQs on your WordPress website.

You can create FAQ posts, assign them categories & tags and use responsive Toggle or Accordion style and display FAQs anywhere on the website.

FAQs can be grouped and filtered using FAQ categories and tags and displayed using shortcodes, Elementor page builder or as a widget in the theme.

There is a basic shortcode builder with which you can add FAQs to all pages and posts. It has a FAQ block for Gutenberg Editor.

You can use it as a general purpose WordPress Accordion Plugin too.

Display all FAQs in simple accordion style using the shortcode given below:


See Demo

Read Documentation


Fully responsive Accordion/Toggle
Gutenberg Block
Basic Shortcode builder for all pages and posts
FAQ-WooCommerce Integration
FAQ tab on WooCommerce product page
Inline FAQ search-bar
Enable/Disable FAQ search-bar
FAQ theme widget
Display Popular and Recently Added/Updated FAQs
Sorting and Filtering of FAQs
Limit number of FAQs displayed
Light and Dark theme styling options
Elementor page builder integration
Helpie Knowledge base integration
Use Helpie KB categories for FAQs
Display FAQs based on categories

See the video to Get Started: Installation, Activation, Adding FAQs and Using Shortcodes

FAQ for WooCommerce ( Woocommerce FAQs / Product FAQs )

An FAQ tab can be created on WooCommerce product pages and FAQs can be added and edited for individual WooCommerce products. It makes it easy to answer your customers common questions on the product pages itself.

For more information on WooCommerce integration see the video below:

FAQ for Elementor ( Elementor FAQ element / widget )

Helpie FAQ plugin can be integrated with the Elementor page builder and and you can use Helpie FAQ widget as an element of Elementor. FAQs can be embedded anywhere on the Elementor canvas.

For more information on Elementor integration see the video below:

FAQ block for Gutenberg ( Gutenberg FAQ Block )

Helpie FAQ provides an FAQ block for the new Gutenberg WordPress Editor, which allows you to add FAQs with all the settings and customizations in the editor itself.

FAQ for Helpie Knowledge Base ( WordPress Knowledge Base + FAQs )

Helpie FAQ plugin can be integrated with Helpie Knowledge base plugin and the knowledge base categories can be used for FAQs. This can help add FAQ section to your knowledge base based on categories.

Helpie FAQs need not be used to display only frequently asked questions content. You can use it for any content which needs to be hidden until clicked

Helpie FAQ Pro Plugin

Helpie FAQ Pro Plugin has features such as User FAQ submission by which any users can submit their Questions and Answers which can be added to the FAQs on that page with or without the approval of the admin.

Pro Features

User FAQ submission
Direct publishing or Approval pending options
Email Notification (Admin and User)
Auto-ordering of FAQs based on User Engagement


FAQ demo – Display FAQ at any of your page
Woocommerce Integration – Woocommerce product page with FAQ
Elementor Integration – Edit your page using Elementor page builder
General FAQ settings page
Knowledge Base Integration – Helpie KB plugin integration with FAQ
FAQ Shortcode button – Can be found on all pages & posts
FAQ Shortcode builder – Sort the FAQs to be displayed on the page
User Submission Settings(Pro)- Allow users to Submit their Questions
User Submission(Pro) – Click “Add FAQ” button and submit FAQs
Displaying readme.txt.


This plugin provides 1 block.



Minimum Requirements

WordPress 4.8 or greater
PHP version 5.4 or greater
MySQL version 5.0 or greater

We recommend your host supports:

PHP version 7.0 or greater
MySQL version 5.6 or greater
WordPress Memory limit of 64 MB or greater (128 MB or higher is preferred)


Install using the WordPress built-in Plugin installer, or Extract the zip file and drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation.
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
Go to Pages > Add New
Press the ‘Edit with Elementor’ button.
Now you can drag and drop widgets from the left panel onto the content area, as well as add new sections and columns that make up the page structure.


Installation Instruction:

the “Helpie FAQ” plugin.
Unzip the downloaded package.
Upload the Helpie FAQ folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress setup.
Activate the plugin from the “Plugins” menu in the WordPress Admin


‘Helpie FAQ’ plugin.
Click on ‘Plugins’ menu option in WordPress admin.
Click on ‘Add New’ option in plugins.
Upload the ‘Helpie FAQ’ plugin and ‘Activate’ it.

Adding New FAQ:

Once you the activated the plugin, you will see an option Helpie Faqs in the the WordPress admin sidebar menu.
Under that, click on “Add New”.
Enter the FAQ question in the Title box and the answer in the main content box.
You can select or add FAQ categories or tags in the right side menu and assign it to a particular question.
Click the publish button to create the FAQ.

Display FAQ on my site:

Using Helpie FAQ, you can display Faq on any of your page/ posts using three different ways:

Using the Shortcode.
Using the Elementor page builder.
Using Widgets.

Using the Shortcode:

You can place the shortcode [helpie_faq] in the content area of any page you want to display the FAQ.

Using the Elementor page builder:

You can also display the Faq on any page using the Elementor page builder.
First, download and Install the Elementor page builder from
Go to any pages and you will see an option “Edit with Elementor”. Just select it and it will open the elementor builder in your page.
Type “Helpie FAQ” in the builder section in the left and drag it to the content area in the right.
Once placed, you can see the FAQ arranged which you created.
You can choose the title for Faq, choose which categories should be displayed, choose the theme either light or dark, toggle on/off, open/close the first item, and much more.
You can also sort the faq by alphabetical or their publish date and even the updated date. You can either arrange it in Ascending or descending order and set the limit of faq’s to be displayed.
You can also show/hide the Live search using the elementor page builder.

Using the Widgets:

You can also place the faq’s using the widgets option in the dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets. You will see an option “Helpie FAQ”. You can place it anywhere in the sidebar, footer or any area which your theme allows.

Using the shortcode builder:

Create any new page or post and you will see an option “Add Helpie shortcode”.
Click that and select the “Helpie FAQ” option in that.
Using our Helpie FAQ builder, you can modify the title, filter the categories to be displayed, set the toggle option and everything else whichever could be done via settings.

Can users submit their questions?

Yes, Sure. User FAQ submission is a premium feature of Helpie FAQ by which any user can submit their questions and answers which can be added to the FAQ.
You can also set the option to directly publish the FAQ or to publish after approval.
Email notifications can also be sent to both the Admin and User.


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