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Delivery Date & Time for WooCommerce(Woo Delivery)


WooCommerce Delivery Date & Time is a WooCommerce plugin extension that gives the facility of selecting delivery date and time at order checkout page. If want, store admin can create a list of pickup location for customers and if any customer want to take his/her order products from a selected pickup location. Also customers can give special instructions about his/her order via the plugin. The Store admin can also control the delivery date, time from the individual order page. Store admin can change the delivery date and time if needed and can also notify the user via email. It’s fairly easy to set up the plugin that you don’t have to take any hassle. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the styling because the plugin compatible with your theme styling.

Free version only has the basic setup of delivery date and time.

Premium Version has many more additional awesome features that you can’t imagine

To see live demo of Premium Version click here

Woo Delivery PRO Features

Time Zone Based Delivery Information: Delivery information like date, time set based on the selected timezone.

Advance Settings Option for Date & Time: You can enable or disable the date and time field in the checkout page. Also, you can make them mandatory or optional. You can choose your desired date or time format. The weekend option is also available.

Off Days: This is a highlighted feature of this plugin. You can specify the off-days so the customer can’t select those days for delivery.

Make Your Custom Time Slot: You can make your timeslot as you want. Also, you can maintain each time slot individually like maximum order, time slot fee, etc. Also, you can disable a time slot for specific days.

Processing Days Management: Sometimes, your store has some products that are not delivered instantly. You need some days for processing those products. You can easily handle the situation with this plugin. So you don’t need to worry because our plugin automatically disables days based on your product processing days. You can either specify your processing days by category or product-wise.

Delivery Fee: Another advanced feature of this plugin is fee management. You can specify a fee for each time slot you made. Also, you can specify a fee for Delivery dates like for same-day delivery, for next day delivery, and other day delivery.

Pickup Location: You can specify a pickup location from where your customer takes his order products. You can enable or disable the feature at any time.

Reminder Email: Your customer will be notified by an email before order delivery time. By enabling this, you can specify when you want to send the reminder email to your customer. You can select an email template from our prebuilt list.

Additional Field for Special Instructions Enabling this field will be helpful when any customer wants to provide guidelines about the order.

Other Settings: You can choose where you want to show the date-time field at checkout page for your customer.


To make your journey with us more easier & error free, We’ve a dedicated team. So, if you use our plugin or facing any problem feel free to contact with us by emailing here:


Delivery Date Settings

Delivery Time Settings

Other Settings

Order Page Metabox

Checkout Page Delivery date Field View

Checkout Page Delivery Time Field View


Before installing the plugin please make sure that

Your php version is 5.4 or greater
WordPress version is 4.0 or greater
WooCommerce version is 3.0 or greater

This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Select ‘Woo Delivery’ from admin menu and setup the necessary settings


What is the difference between free and premium version?

Checkout the live demo and you will clearly understand what’s the difference between free and premium version. To see Live Demo click here

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