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WP Meta and Date Remover


Remove Meta,Author and Date in click. Install. Activate. And Done!

How to remove Author Meta and Date from posts and pages?

Install WP Meta and Date remover.
Activate Plugin.
Choose whether to hide from Backend(Page Source) or Frontend or Both
Save settings
And you done!

Two way removal

This plugin uses two methods to erase your meta

Removal using CSS file
Plugin register custom CSS which hides any information contained by meda data class.
CSS file provided with this plugin works great. You also can edit that n file in plugin editor.
For more support Buy premium support

Removal using php
Plugin filters results of functions like get_date(),get_time() etc.
In some cases CSS file doesn’t work, thats why there is removal using php code.
Plugin removes Meta data from source code. Which means even search engines can’t see it.

For further help refer this blog post

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Settings Window
After activation
Before activation


Use built in automatic installer or,

Copy the plugin folder into /wp-content/plugins
Activate plugin via the plugins page in the WordPress admin
Go to Settings to configure.


Meta data is still present even after activation.
Find meta data css class in your theme css and edit css code in settings. You can even main me on prasadkirpekar@outlook.com
Search engine showing Meta data even after plugin activation.
Search engines doesn’t react to changes instantaly. Search engines will take some time. Resubmit your sitemap in webmaster tools.


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