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Pods – Custom Content Types and Fields


Manage all your custom content needs in ONE location with the Pods Framework. You can:

Create and edit custom post types, taxonomy, fields and extend existing WordPress objects like users, media, posts and pages or extend other plugins’ custom post types — all from Pods.
Easily display your custom content, whether you want to use shortcodes, widgets, the code-free Pods Template approach, or use standard PHP in WordPress Theme templates and functions.
Create connections between any of your content to help organize it in logical and useful ways with relationship fields.

Let Pods help you grow your development skills and manage content beyond the standard WordPress Posts & Pages. Check out pods.io for our User Guide, Support Forum, and our Slack Chat to help you develop with Pods.


Content types that evolve with your needs

Create any type of content that you want — small or large — we’ve got you covered. Every content type created with Pods gets all the love it needs to grow up big and strong. You’ll get an easy to use interface that lets you manage custom fields and how your content type will function.

We now give you the power you’ve never before had with a single plugin because we’ve re-imagined how to manage content types from the ground up.

Create new content types

With Pods, you can create entirely new content types:

Custom Post Types – Content types that look and function like Posts and Pages, but in their own separate areas
Custom Taxonomies – Content types that look and function like Categories and Tags, but in their own separate areas
Custom Settings Pages – Create custom admin forms under Settings to help organize your site’s custom global settings
Advanced Content Types – These are entirely separate from WordPress and function off their own database tables

Extend existing content types

Not satisfied? How about the power of being able to extend existing content types? We’ve got you covered with extending these major WordPress objects:

Post Types – Create and manage fields for any existing Post Type (Posts, Pages, etc), even those created by plugins or themes
Taxonomies – Create and manage fields for any existing Taxonomies (Categories, Tags, etc), even those created by plugins or themes
Media – Create and manage fields for your media uploads, easily add additional information and context to any file you want
Users – Create and manage fields for your user profiles, this is truly the bees knees!
Comments – Create and manage fields for your visitor comments, easily add fields to fit the way you use comments as reviews and more

Use our field types, or make your own

We have a lot of common field types available for you to use, or you can build your own with our extensible field type classes.

Each of these field type have their own set of options, if those aren’t enough they are also easily extended:

Date / Time – Date, Time, or both
Number – Plain Number or Currency
Text – Plain Text, Website, Phone, E-mail, or Password
Paragraph Text – Plain Paragraph, WYSIWYG (TinyMCE or CLEditor, or add your own), or Code (Syntax Highlighting)
Color Picker – Choose colors, because colors are great
Yes / No – You can’t really go wrong with a checkbox, but we’ve added a few charms to make it stand out
File / Image / Video – Upload new media or select from existing ones with our Media Library integration, or use a simple uploader, your choice
Avatars – Upload new media or select from existing ones, automatically integrates with get_avatar calls for Users extended by Pods
Relationships – Relate any item, to any item of any WP object type, another Pod, or a custom user-defined list — with bidirectional relationships

Relationships to rule the world with

Custom defined list
Post Types
User Roles
User Capabilities

And many other relationships are also available including:

Image Sizes
Navigation Menus
Post Formats
Post Status
Countries (predefined)
US States (predefined)
Days of Week (predefined)
Months of Year (predefined)

Easily display your content

There are several ways to get Pods data to show up throughout your site, but with any WP object type you create or extend with Pods, you can use all of the functions and methods you’re already used to with the core WordPress API / Loop — out of the box!

Additionally, we have a United Theming API that lets you theme your content types across every type of Pod, regardless if it’s a post type or taxonomy or user, or.. you get the picture.

Customized Management Panels

Utilize Pods UI (included in Pods 1.10+) to build your own Custom Management panels for your Pods.

Optional Components to do even more

You can enable some of our included components to extend your WordPress site even further:

Roles and Capabilities – Create or edit Roles for your site, and customize their corresponding capabilities
Pages – Create custom pages that function off of your site’s path, with wildcard support, and choose the Page Template to use
Templates – Use our template engine to create templates that can be handed off to clients for carefree management
Helpers – Customize how Pods works right from the admin area with simple to advanced reusable code snippets
Advanced Content Types – These types of content were built into Pods prior to 2.3, but are now optionally enabled
Table Storage – Enable table-based storage for custom fields on Post Types, Media, Users, and Comments. Also adds the ability to add custom fields to Taxonomies
Advanced Relationships – Add advanced relationship objects for relating to including Database Tables, Multisite Networks, Multisite Sites, Themes, Page Templates, Sidebars, Post Type Objects, and Taxonomy Objects
Markdown Syntax – Parses Markdown Syntax for Paragraph Text / WYSIWYG fields
Builder theme integration – Use our tightly integrated modules for Builder in your layouts

Migrate to Pods, find out what you’ve been missing

Using another solution? We’ve built additional components to help you transition:

Import from Custom Post Type UI
More imports coming soon including Importing from Custom Field Suite, Advanced Custom Fields, and Custom Tables

Plays well with others

We also do our best to integrate and play nicely with other projects:

Plugins we’ve integrated with

Tabify Edit Screen
Codepress Admin Columns
Gravity Forms Using the Pods Gravity Forms Add-on
Beaver Builder and Beaver Themer Using the Pods Beaver Themer Add-On

Themes we’ve integrated with

Builder (iThemes)
Genesis (StudioPress)


Pods really wouldn’t be where it is without all of the contributions both financially and through code / time. Check out our GitHub for a list of contributors, or search our GitHub issues to see everyone involved in adding features, fixing bugs, or reporting issues/testing.



Many thanks go out to the fine folks who have helped us translate Pods into other languages other than English!

Join us in further translating the Pods interface at: https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-plugins/pods

We also have a dedicated Slack Chat channel to help our translators get started and to support them on the process.


Create new content types or extend existing ones
Add fields of many different types, with individual options for each so you can define your content type to be what you need it to be
Post Type pods will add fields to the Post editor
Taxonomy pods will add fields to the Taxonomy forms
User pods will add fields to the User forms
Comment pods will add fields to the Comment forms
Media pods will add fields to the Media forms


Unpack the entire contents of this plugin zip file into your wp-content/plugins/ folder locally
Upload to your site
Navigate to wp-admin/plugins.php on your site (your WP Admin plugin page)
Activate this plugin

OR you can just install it with WordPress by going to Plugins >> Add New >> and type this plugin’s name


Where do we go for Support on your plugin?

Our primary Support is handled through our Support Forums at https://pods.io/forums/. For the fastest support, you can contact us on our Slack Chat at https://pods.io/chat/ in the #support channel. We do not staff our Slack channel 24 hours, but we do check any questions that come through daily and reply to any unanswered questions.

We do have a community of Pods users and developers that hang out on Slack so you’re sure to get an answer quickly. We answer our Forum questions once a week with follow-up during the week as we’re prioritizing resources towards restructuring and improving our documentation.

I’ve found a Bug or I have a Feature Request

If you’ve uncovered a Bug or have a Feature Request, we kindly request you to create an Issue on our GitHub Repository at https://github.com/pods-framework/pods/issues/new. Please be very specific about what steps you did to create the issue you’re having and include any screenshots or other configuration parameters to help us recreate or isolate the issue.

Will Pods work with my Theme?

We don’t provide any special CSS or display attributes with your custom content so as long as your theme works with WordPress standard functions and the WordPress Template Hierarchy, you should be fine. You may need to create special PHP WordPress Theme Templates for your content, or you can use our Pods Templates and the Auto Template option to display your ‘template’ containing your custom content where your theme normally outputs the_content filter.


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