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Page builder for Posts – Setka Editor


The time of plain text posts are over. You need content that reflects your brand, stands out, engages your audience and converts them as quickly as possible. But how do you efficiently design high-impact content experiences, without wasting money on developers and designers?

Setka Editor was born to answer this very question. We have created a robust plugin accessible to everyone looking to make unique post layouts without having to deal with CSS or HTML. Setka Editor is the first WYSIWYG plugin with page builder functionality. Its sole purpose is to create beautiful posts as efficiently as possible.

Setka Editor was among the first plugins ready for the release of WordPress 5.0, which includes the new Gutenberg editor. We have developed a Setka Editor content block, which can be used with any other blocks on your page.

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1. Design engaging content experiences

Ever dreamt of that polished magazine layout? Or of professional and sleek design? Setka Editor can make these dreams a reality. Experiment with design and create an engaging experience without the need to code.

Setka Editor is functional, beautiful, and super-engaging. It’s everything and more I’ve ever dreamt about as a creator of content aimed at millennial audience in an artistically-minded community. At a reasonable price you can suddenly compete with magazines that built their websites with venture capital. I love it!

Katarina Hybenova
Editorial director, founder, CEO Bushwick Daily

2. Create regular content faster

Designing posts from scratch with page builders or getting confused by code are a thing of the past. Save time to focus on creative tasks with Setka Editor’s unique layout features.

My first reaction was WOW! That was exactly what I would want my blog to look like. I already think that I have a professional blog but Setka Editor took my blog design above and beyond anything I could do on my own.

Kimberly Gauthier
Dog Nutrition Blogger And Certified Pet Food Nutrition Specialist

3. Enjoy beautiful content on any device

No need to worry about being mobile-friendly. Setka Editor automatically adapts your post design for mobile and autoscales images. However, if you still prefer to customize your content on devices, you can. Preview posts instantly to view on any device.

Great way to get champagne style news layout for the cheap beer budget.

Adam Bell
Design Director/CEO dataTV

4. The perfect partner: Reliable, scalable and secure

Developed for publishers by publishers, we know all the problems associated with creating content. We pride ourselves in our clean code and amazing features, which we are continually adding on a monthly basis. When it comes to security, our developers meticulously follow WordPress official guidelines and meet community coding standards, so you can feel at ease that we have everything covered!

Discover all the features of this powerful editor plugin:

Interactive Design
Increase the time readers spend on your content with our interactive design. Add animation, anchors and full width and background images.

Post Styles
Define your post’s style in our Style Manager. Determine your text formats and fonts, choose colors and create dividers. Make as many posts as you like in this style.

Reusable design elements
Choose from our extensive list of pre-made common design elements (‘snippets’) or create and save your own at the click of a button. Make snippets in Setka Editor or with CSS in your Style Manager (requires Pro).

Choose from hundreds of Google Fonts, connect your Adobe TypeKit (requires Pro) or upload your own (requires Pro).

Inline Icons (requires Pro)
Forget about using HTML to add icons in line with your text. Upload your own icons or choose from our extensive library.

Note: access to some of our features requires Setka Editor Pro Plans. You can check out what we have to offer here.

About Setka

Setka’s innovative content management tools were born, tested, and refined in Look At Media, one of Russia’s leading digital media companies. Its web publications boast more than 7 million unique monthly visitors.

In 2014 Setka became an independent software company focused on building state-of-the-art tools that make content creation easy, beautiful, and accessible to everyone. Our tools include Setka Workflow, Setka Editor and Setka Stream.

More than 300 brands and 100 editors have used Setka’s publishing products to create award-winning content and advertising experiences including giants like Conde Nast.

We consider ourselves part of the WordPress community and regularly take part in Wordcamp events across the world.


Installing Setka Editor is really easy and straightforward. However if you encounter any problems during the set-up process please reach out to us via support channels.


Setka Editor Plugin Interface
Edit layout properties in the horizontal toolbar
Right click to access the context menu
Upload images to any part of the post. Scale and position them or use for backgrounds.
Add animations to increase engagement
Use inline icons for numbered lists without altering your HTML code
Preview posts in desktop and mobile view
Input license key here
Setka Editor settings in WordPress


This plugin provides 1 block.

Setka Editor


From your WordPress dashboard

Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’.
Search for ‘setka editor’.
Activate Setka Editor from your Plugins page.


Setka Editor.
Upload the ‘setka editor’ directory to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory, using your favorite method (ftp, sftp, scp, etc…).
Activate Setka Editor from your Plugins page.


Is Setka Editor free?

Yes! Setka Editor’s core features are free. These include easy image scaling and media embedding, animations and many more.

How are our Pro Plans different from the free version?

Setka Editor’s Pro Plans (Solo and Team) have special features for people looking for added flexibility and customization. Pro features include inline icons, more pre-made Post Styles and an ability to create multiple custom Post Styles, snippets and grids. We also offer premium support.

Does my theme support this plugin?

Yes! Setka Editor works seamlessly with any theme and would not break anything in the layout.

Where can I get support if I have any questions?

Please visit our Help Center if you have questions on how to use Setka Editor features or troubleshoot any problem. If you have any feedback regarding our plugin, please contact us at


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