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BlockyPage – Gutenberg Based Page Builder


Are you struggling on using Gutenberg to make the designs you want?

Do you need more blocks, better interface, and more customization options just like in any other modern page builder?

Yes you do! I heard it, Blockypage gives you all of that and more…

Blockypage turns Gutenberg into a modern page builder. with a new interface and endless customisation options, building complex designs and layouts with Gutenberg has become easy and fun..

New Interface.

Improving Gutenberg interface and user experience

Gutenberg has been primarily built for content editing, not design, for that reason we’ve improved its interface and make it suitable for web design, we call it,
BlockyPage Mode.

BlockyPage Mode main features.

Cleaner Interface
More space for design
Better User Experience
Live Preview and editing for different devices

Container And Row Blocks.

Build any layout with the row and the container Block
Even Complex layouts has become easy to build with the most advanced block layout builders on the market:

The Container Block: wrap a set of blocks together to build page sections, customize it the way you want with 100+ different customization options.
The Row Block Block Demo: 40+ different columns structures to choose from with a control over different devices.

Advanced set of Blocks..

All the blocks that you need to build the design that you dream of

Advanced Button Block Demo
Buttons Group Block Demo
Tabs Block Demo
Accordion Block Demo
Advanced Image Block Demo
Advanced Text Block Demo
Divider Block Demo
Advanced Heading
…And much more are coming very soon

Endless Customization options for all blocks…

Our Blocks are the most customizable blocks in the market, Just like any other modern page builder,
you can literally customize every detail in a block and make the design that you dream of.

Customization options in short

Classic: background color, background image, opacity, parallax effect …
Gradient: Radial & linear with direction and position control
Video Background

Background Overlay
Opacity, brightness, contrast, Grayscale, Hue, Invert, Saturate, Spa.

Margin and padding control over all directions with different units and breakpoints

Control the border size, type and color on all directions
Control the border radius on all corners


Shape dividers

Font size, color, text shadow, alignment and transform

900+ font awesome 5 icons

On Scroll Animations

And much much more!

It’s completely free, now and start building something cool!



1- Upload BlockyPage directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
2- Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


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