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Timber helps you create fully-customized WordPress themes faster with more sustainable code. With Timber, you write your HTML using the Twig Template Engine separate from your PHP files. This cleans up your theme code so, for example, your PHP file can focus on being the data/logic, while your Twig file can focus 100% on the HTML and display.

Once Timber is installed and activated in your plugin directory, it gives any WordPress theme the ability to take advantage of the power of Twig and other Timber features.

Want to learn more?

Project Page
Timber on GitHub

Looking for Documentation?

Timber Documentation
Twig Reference (from SensioLabs)
Twig is the template language powering Timber; if you need a little background on what a template language is, Twig’s homepage has an overview
Video Tutorials
Overview / Getting Started Guide


Please post on StackOverflow under the “Timber” tag. Please use GitHub issues only for specific bugs, feature requests and other types of issues.


This what a normal WordPress PHP file looks like
With Timber, you write Twig files that are super-clear and HTML-centric.


Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

For an example, try modifying your home.php or index.php with something like this:

$context = array();
$context[‘message’] = ‘Hello Timber!’;
Timber::render( ‘welcome.twig’, $context );

Then create a subdirectory called views in your theme folder. Then create a file views/welcome.twig with these contents:

<div class="welcome">
    <h3>{{ message }}</h3>

When you visit this page, you’ll see both the data from PHP come through as you’ve marked it up. For more, continue with the official Getting Started Guide


Can it be used in an existing theme?

You bet! Watch these Video Tutorials to see how.

Is it used in production?

Tens of thousands of sites now use Timber. You can check some of them out in the Showcase.

Doesn’t this all make WordPress harder since there’s more to learn?

Does jQuery make JavaScript harder? Yes, it’s an extra piece to learn — but it super-charges your ability to write unencumbered JavaScript (and prevents you from having to learn lots of the messy internals). If your answer is “jQuery sucks and everyone should learn how to write vanilla JavaScript or they’re rotten stupid people,” this tool isn’t for you.

Oh, Timber is simple code so it’s for making simple themes

Whatever. It simplifies the silly stuff so that you can focus on building more complicated sites and apps. jQuery simplifies Javascript, but you can still use the full range of JavaScript’s abilities.

Will you support it?

At Upstatement we’re using it in dozens of sites (and many more planned) — thousands of other developers are using it too. This isn’t going anywhere. Twig is the chosen language for other PHP platforms like Symfony, Drupal 8 and Craft.


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