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Taxonomy Pages


The plugin is an add-on for the Related Posts by Taxonomy plugin by author keesiemeijer:

That plugin allows you to show thumbnails or links of related articles in a sidebar. This works for a lot of types of content. For example: posts, products, etc.

Unfortunately, that plugin does not work for pages. This add-on solves that issue by creating taxonomies for pages.

Is this plugin GDPR compliant?

This plugin doesn’t process, share, send or retain any user data.
This plugin doesn’t track (user) data for analytics (or for any other reason).
This plugin doesn’t save or read cookies.
This plugin doesn’t use 3rd party libraries.

Read this article why plugin authors cannot guarantee 100% compliance.

Please contact a GDPR consultant or law firm with this information to assess if this plugin is compliant.


The add-on for the widget.
The added taxonomy to sidebar of pages.

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