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Easy Updates Manager


Easy Updates Manager is a light yet powerful plugin that allows you to manage all kinds of update- both on your single site install, or in WordPress Multisite. With a huge number of settings for endless configuration, Easy Updates Manager is an obvious choice for anyone wanting to take control of their website updates.

Free Features Include

Disable all updates with one click
Enable automatic updates with one click
Deeply customize your automatic update settings
Use logs to determine what and when something is updated
Hide plugin and theme updates (if custom developed)
Select which plugins and themes can be automatically updated
Disable core, plugin, theme, and translation updates
Force Updates to check that automatic updates are working
Integrate with UpdraftPlus
Configure email notification settings
And much more…

Go Premium

Visit easyupdatesmanager.com to upgrade to our premium features.

Premium features include:

Safe mode: ensures updates are compatible with your WordPress version and your server’s PHP version
Schedule for automatic updates: runs the updates when you want them to avoid any downtime
External logging – Get alerts when new updates have been logged
Anonymization – Control what is sent to the WordPress API
Delayed updates – Delay automatic updates in the case of hotfixes and frequent releases
Auto backups: integrates with UpdraftPlus and take a backup before your site is updated
UpdraftCentral: fully integrates with UpdraftCentral
Log clearing schedule: keeps your logs table under control and deletes entries according to your own schedule
Import/Export settings: exports your settings from one site to another for quick configuration
Email notification of updates: gives you weekly or monthly reports of pending updates
White label: disables notices and customizes what the client sees
Check plugins: runs a check of plugins that have been removed from the WordPress Plugin Directory
Webhook: integrates with third-party services to run automatic updates via cron or even Zapier
Export logs: exports logs for printing, or downloads a CSV or JSON file for a date range

For more information on Easy Updates Manager Premium, check out our website at easyupdatesmanager.com.


If you want to contribute to the translation, please visit our translation section. We appreciate all the translation help we can get.


Single site install settings page location
Multisite install settings page location
General Tab with main options
Plugins tab with individual options allowed
Themes tab with individual options allowed
Logs feature
Premium logs feature
Advanced tab
Premium advanced tab


Installing Easy Updates Manager in your WordPress Dashboard (recommended)

You can download Easy Updates Manager by going into your ‘Plugins’ section and selecting add a new plugin
Search for the plugin by typing ‘Easy Updates Manager’ into the search bar
Install and activate the plugin by pushing the ‘Install’ button and then the ‘activate plugin’ link
Configure the plugin by going to the ‘Updates Options’ section in your admin area under the Dashboard

Installing Easy Updates Manager through FTP

Upload the Easy Updates Manager folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory (make sure it is unzipped)
Activate the Easy Updates Manager plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Configure the plugin by going to the ‘Update Options’ section in your admin area under the Dashboard

Activate the plugin after installation. If you are on Multisite, the plugin must be network-activated.

For additional information for Easy Updates Manager check out our website at easyupdatesmanager.com.


Do you support older WordPress versions?

Version 6.x.x should support WP versions 4.0 and up. Version 4.7.0 should support WP versions 2.3 – 4.0.

Since WordPress is constantly changing, this plugin will always strive to support the latest version of WordPress. As there are many security vulnerabilities reported, please always keep WordPress as up-to-date as possible.

Unfortunately, we do not support older versions of WordPress or the non-current release of this plugin.

How do I change the WordPress update notification e-mail?

Go to the General tab in our settings. You can enter a single email address, or multiple if you comma-separate them.

Automatic Updates

Check out our video on how the automatic updating works in WordPress.

How Do I Enable Logging?

Check out our video on how logs work.

Does Easy Updates Manager work with third-party plugins and themes?

Since third-party providers use custom update mechanisms, we cannot guarantee that they will work with Easy Updates Manager.

Additional Information and FAQ

For additional information and FAQs for Easy Updates Manager check out our website.


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