Gutentor : WordPress Page Building Blocks with unlimited possibilities to design – WordPress plugin Free download

Gutentor : WordPress Page Building Blocks with unlimited possibilities to design


Gutentor is a WordPress Page Building Blocks with unlimited possibilities to design a webpage. Building professional elegant websites using new WordPress editor Gutenberg with very ease and with no absolute codes is what Gutentor is designed for. A page builder experience that brings advanced capabilities and graceful design never seen before on any Page Builder.

Gutentor extends Gutenberg editor with a large variety of beautiful blocks which can be later switched to build and design your best web pages with some clicks. This makes creating and designing content even more flexible. It minimizes limitations of any page builders and adds unlimited possibilities so that a user can build any simple to complex WordPress website using the Gutenberg editor. It has been developed with all necessary customization features for blocks to achieve any possible layout and design of web-page content with Gutenberg block editor. Gutentor makes designing any type of web pages just as simple as a matter of a few clicks and drag and drop.

Gutentor is a lightweight WordPress plugin, it is optimized for performance. Inline, Internal or External CSS files for dynamic CSS is introduced.

What’s new on Gutentor

One click Demo Templates Library for ready made templates and blocks
Faster Designing Experience
Complete Webpage building blocks with all necessary features
Extremely simple, without adding row/columns, just adding block is sufficient to make beautiful website
Repeater field to create items inside blocks with drag and drop reorder,edit, delete options
Highly customizable row/columns options available for creative designers
Advanced options on each block including HTML Tag, Background, Border, Box-shadow, Margin-Padding, Svg shape divider and built in animations.
Block Template module on each block, Single block multiple design Template,
Individual elements full styling options
Device specific responsive controls
Advanced Typography Options which includes all available google fonts and systems fonts
Video background Options
Inline, Internal or External CSS files for dynamic CSS


Advanced Columns
Author Profile
Blog Post
Call to Action
Count Down
Featured Block
Google Map
Icon Box
Image Box
Image Slider
Opening Hours
Progress Bar
Restaurant Menu
Video Popup

Gutentor provides awesome and innovative blocks for enhancing your website at an advanced level.

Here are the details of the Gutentor blocks:

About : Gutentor’s About block lets you to add titles, photo, description and buttons to design the about section of your web page. You can choose the About Block design from 3 preset Template. Each individuals elements has it own options for color, margin-padding, typography, border and other necessary options.

Accordion : It is designed to have collapsible rows to hide or open any content on the page. Generally, it is used for FAQs and other informative messages.

Advanced Columns : The Advanced block has a number of advanced features of a column where it facilitates user to choose layout of row in term of column.e.g 1 column, 2 column layout and many more.

Author Profile : This block has been built specially for displaying the details description of certain authors.

Blog : The Blog Post block display collection of posts with different settings related to post items.

Call to Action : With this block, users can set a lovely form to make your website interactive and share information between the company and visitors.

Countdown : This block is useful for setting a countdown feature on your website. It is extremely helpful for any event show related website.

Counter : Counter Block represents the facts and figures related to any product, item or any product with cool animation, features and many more fascinated templates.

Divider : The Divider block is a simple block which helps user to differentiate between sections or other site elements with awesome shape and also allow to upload custom shape.

Featured Block : The Featured block displays large section with a photo, title, description, and button. Mainly, it is used in the header part of the site.

Gallery : The Gallery Block allows a user to create a captivating gallery of image with a caption to showcase images of portfolio, services or products.

Google Map : Google Map block facilitates user to display the location of organization, company or any place. You can let visitors know where your company is exactly positioned.

Icon Box : Icon Box block is useful to represent any icon of any sort of items on your website.

Image Box : The Image Block is generated to display information with an image in a standard and unique way. You can also add a title, description, and button along with the image.

Image Slider : The Image Slider Block display adorable slider with image, title, description, and a button which can be modified by available features and functionalities.

Opening Hours : The Opening Hours Block describes the information related to the opening schedule of any organization or any place.

Pricing : The Pricing Box block represents the pricing details of any item on your website. It can be anything whether products or services.

Progress Bar : The progress bar block is designed to let the user create a customizable bar and/or circle progress counter to represent percentage values.

Restaurant Menu : The Restaurant Menu block has been designed particularly for users building website on restaurants or cafes. It is used for preparing online menus.

Social : The Social block displays the social networks page on website with different templates and a number of features.

Tabs : The Tab block facilitates user to display content in a fully tabbed UX which contains title, description and buttons with number of templates.

Team : With the team block users can create an attractive and sophisticated team section where they can represent the team members of their company in a professional way.

Testimonial : The Testimonial block is used to display the feedback or quotation given by your user which helps site visitors to trust in your product, services.

Timeline : The Timeline block is one of the most significant blocks builds for your website. It is used to represent the user information or events in chronological order with different styles.

Video Popup : The Video Popup block display video from youtube, vimeo link or custom uploaded video in popup mode with number of styles ,video control.


Gutentor Admin Page : Block Short Description, Enable and Disable
Gutentor Template Library : Blocks Import
Gutentor Template Library : Template Import
Gutentor Block : Slider Options, Editor and Front End
Gutentor Block : Image Block Options, Editor and Front End
Gutentor Designing Template
Gutentor Demo Export Import Available
Gutentor Available Blocks


This plugin provides 2 blocks.




Is Gutentor free?

Yes, Gutentor is a free WordPress Page Building Block Plugin.

Can I use Gutentor with any WordPress theme?

Yes, It can be use with any WordPress theme. Since Gutentor has its own page templates. It will be easier to use Gutentor in any theme.

Why Gutentor is not working on my editor?

Please make sure you have installed WordPress 5.0 or later and Gutenberg editor is active on your site.

Do I need to know coding to use Gutentor?

Absolutely not! Gutentor is a full-fledged WordPress page builder, With simple click and drag and drop you can create elegant design with no need to write even a single line of code.

Do you offer Support?

Yes We provide Free Support via WordPress Support Forum

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