Files Mash Optimizer – WordPress plugin Free download

Files Mash Optimizer


This plugin can optimize and compress your new and current WordPress image.

Everyone wants a fast loading website, but having a lot of large size images can slower your website, So this plugin compress those images to reduces the size and make your website load faster.


This plugin can reduce size of images.
Ther is no images limit.
Currently working as a Free plugin.


From your WordPress dashboard

Open ‘Plugins > Add New’
Search for ‘Files Mash’
Install ‘Files Mash Optimizer’ from Plugin results page, Then click on activate. (You’ll be redirected to plugin setting page.)
Configure the plugin accourding to your need and save the settings.
Goto ‘Media > Files Mash Bulk’ and start the optimization process.


Files Mash Optimizer zip file.
Upload and unzip the plugin files to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
Check the configurations and save them for the first time.
Enjoy, the fast loading website!


Visit ‘Settings > FilesMash Optimizer’ and adjust your configuration.
Visit ‘Settings > Bulk FilesMash Optimizer’ to start the optimization process for current media files.


Is it free?

Yes currently It is free.

Will FilesMash remove the orignal media files?

No, FilesMash will create a backup folder in wp-content/uploads/FilesMashBackups and then copy the orignal media files their.

What type of file FileMash currently support?

Currently FileMash can only compress PNG and JPG Images, Other media files like mp4, mkv will supported in future.

Can I use this API in my websites other then wordpress CMS?

Yes you can.

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