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Simple Calendar – Google Calendar Plugin


Simple Calendar is the easiest way to add Google Calendar events to your WordPress site. Quick to setup. Fine tune to your needs. Mobile responsive. Beautifully designed.

Simple Calendar Features

Display events from any public Google Calendar.
Keep managing events in Google Calendar. No need to create events in WordPress.
Out-of-the-box designs that match your theme’s look and feel.
Fully responsive and mobile-friendly monthly grid and list views.
Customize event content display using simple tags. No coding required.
Combine multiple calendars into single displays explicitly or using categories.
Intuitive, simple display configuration changes for fine tuning.
Advanced settings to adjust time zones, date/time formats and start of the week.
Integration with Event Calendar Newsletter for quickly turning your events into a newsletter-friendly format.
Additional functionality offered with add-ons.
Translations available with more being added on a regular basis. Translations welcome!
Open source with code hosted on GitHub. Contributions welcome!

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FullCalendar Add-on Features

Week and day views added alongside the month view.
Display event titles and start times directly on your calendar.
Faster load times when navigating through months, weeks or days.
Configure header navigation buttons to allow site visitors to easily switch between views.
Intuitive design for multi-day events.
Customizable calendar heights with optional scroll bars.
Set default start time for week and day views.
Limit display times for week and day views.
Works with our Google Calendar Pro add-on to display color-coded events within each view.
Priority email support with a 24-hour response time during weekdays backed by a top-notch team.

Google Calendar Pro Add-on Features

Display events from both private and public Google Calendars.
Highlight events with colors that match assigned Google Calendar event colors.
Display attendee names, avatars and RSVP status for any private or public event.
Display event organizer information.
Display a list of attachments with links to their original source.
Secure connection established between your site and Google using the OAuth standard.
Works with our FullCalendar add-on to display beautiful month, week and day views with color-coded events.
Priority email support with a 24-hour response time during weekdays backed by a top-notch team.

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Basic Grid view
Basic List view
Calendar settings – Events
Calendar settings – Appearance
Calendar settings – Google Calendar
Calendar settings – Advanced
Add a calendar widget
Attach a calendar to a post or page


Plugin installation instructions

Setup guide and video at WP Beginner (updated March 14, 2016)


Where’s your plugin documentation?

Find our docs at

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How do I contribute to Simple Calendar?

We’d love your help! Here’s a few things you can do:

Rate our plugin and help spread the word!
Help answer questions in our community support forum.
Report bugs (with steps to reproduce) or submit pull requests on GitHub.
Help add or update a plugin translation.


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