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Stop Spammers


Stop Spammers is an aggressive website defence against comment spam and login attempts. It is capable of performing more than 20 different checks for spam and malicious events and can block spam from over 100 different countries.

Stop Spammers uses multiple methods for detecting spam and may be too aggressive for some websites.

In cases where spam is detected, users are offered a second chance to post their comments or login. Denied requests are presented with a CAPTCHA screen in order to prevent users from being blocked. The CAPTCHA can be configured as OpenCaptcha, Google reCAPTCHA or SolveMedia CAPTCHA. The CAPTCHA will only appear when a user is denied access as a spammer.

Created with a lot of hard work and maintained by Keith P. Graham (from 2010-2017). Thank you Keith.

Maintained (because I love this plugin and want to keep it alive) by Bryan Hadaway (since 2017).

If you also love this plugin and want to see it live on, you can help me maintain it on GitHub.

Need help? Read the FAQs page first.


Go to “Add New” from your WP admin menu, search for Stop Spammers, and install.


Click to Download the plugin.
Upload the plugin to your wp-content/plugins directory.
Activate the plugin.
Under the settings, review options that are enabled. The plugin will operate very well straight out of the box. However, you may wish to update Web Service APIs for reporting spam and change the CAPTCHA settings from the default.


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