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This google maps plugin allows you to create google maps shortcodes to display responsive google maps on pages, widgets and custom templates. Show custom markers on each google maps and display messages with links on a marker click.

Google autosuggest enabled location form helps you to create unlimited markers and then assign markers to a google map. It’s super easy.

Here is a quick highlight on the numerous customizable features offered by the free and pro versions of the WP Google Map Pro Version.

Lite Version (Free)

Add unlimited locations with various information.
Assign multiple locations to a single map.
Display a info window message to any location.
Map Marker Infowindow Open On: Mouse Click or Mouse Hover.
Display map on posts/pages using shortcode.
Decide center latitude and longitude for each map separtely.
Easy way to assign category to any location.
Select your marker icon for markers.
Easily edit or delete map functionality.
Assign your own markers to categories or choose colorful markers from +500 readymade markers provided by the Maps Icons Collection.
Select among 4 map type : Roadmap,Satellite,Hybrid,Terrain
Set your map height and width.
Set Map zoom level.
Map can be Draggable
Display traffic real time conditions and overlays using Layers.
Add bicycle path information to your maps using the Bicycling Layer.
Enable Map Transit layer
Marker Animation on Click or Mouse hover the marker.
45° imagery functionality
Add circle in your Maps plugin
Create a map just in seconds.
Street view supported
widget supportive : Display Google Maps on sidebars using widget.
Pov Heading and Pov Pitch for street view.
Fully Responsive.Display your map perfectly on all devices.
Create 100% responsive maps effortlessly.Tested on real devices.
A Cross Browser Compatible plugin. Fully tested on IE8, IE9, IE10 and all major browsers
Multi-lingual Supported.
Multisite Enabled and ability to activate it network wide.

Features available in Pro version

[WP Google Map Pro] (https://codecanyon.net/item/advanced-google-maps-plugin-for-wordpress/5211638) offers awesome features such as

Map Stylization : Customizable Google maps style from https://snazzymaps.com.
Marker Clustering : Enable marker clusters if you have too many locations.
Map Layers : Display Traffic Layer , Bicycling Layer, Transit layer
Import/Export Locations : Import Export Locations supported using CSV.Sample csv is attached in pro version.
Draw shapes : rectangle, circle, polygon and polyline.
Display unlimited shapes. Display Message on shape click or Redirect to external link.
Direction & Route : Directions & Route Suggestion. Display directions results in KM and MILES.
Listing : Display listing in grid or list style. Fully responsive.
Sort listing by location, category and address alphabetically in location listing.
Marker Category : Assign multiple categories to a location.
Infowindow Contents: Customize infowindow contents with help of Placeholders.
Display Posts Information, custom fields, taxonomies and featured images on infowindow message using placeholders.
Unlimited number of map markers and locations.
Set your own google map marker icon
Drag and drop feature for markers, custom animation support

Allows to display the user location on map.

Nearby locations based on user’s current location.
Display Posts/Pages or Custom Post Types on google maps using custom fields.
Center the map based on visitor’s current location.
Define overlays on Google maps via an easy to use interface.
Integrate GEOJSON in to google maps.
Display multiple Kml/Kmz Layer on the map.
Fusion Table Layers.
Add Geo location
Add any number of Google maps on pages/posts/sidebars.
Allows to insert the map as widget on sidebars.
Add unlimited locations using an easy to use interface for Google Maps.
Display location title, location category, location latitude, location longitude with location message in the infowindow.
Create unlimited maps and display on posts/pages using shortcode or in sidebar using widget.
Design your own Google map skins easily. Turn ON/OFF roads, places, water area.
Ability to display infowindow on mouse click on mouse hover.
Display your map perfectly on all devices. Create 100% responsive maps effortlessly.
Multi-lingual Supported.
Display physical maps based on terrain information.
Display Google Earth satellite images on just one click.
Display maps in a blend of normal and satellite views.
Setup POV Heading and POV Pitch of Street View to customize Street View output of a location.
Full support of controls of the Google map, such as zoom control, map type control, scale control, street view control, fullscreen and rotate control
Drag and drop feature for markers, custom animation support
Modify Locating Listing using Placeholder.
Hooks Supported – Use actions & filters to modify map,markers,listing and associated html on fly.
Display locations listing with filters & pagination. Fully customizable using backend settings and hooks.
Use “wpgmp_geo_tags_args”, “wpgmp_geo_featured_image”, “wpgmp_geotags_placeholder”, “wpgmp_geotags_content” hooks to extend Posts on google maps functionality as you want.
Use External Database or Sources to add markers on google maps using new filter wpgmp_marker_source.
Load markers from external database or API sources with help of filters (Hooks).
A Cross Browser Compatible plugin. Fully tested on IE8, IE9, IE10 and all major browsers
Multisite Enabled and ability to activate it network wide.
Visit our Pro Edition WP Google Map

Live Examples

Google Maps Pro Plugin Live Demo


Available on Codecanyon |
Live Examples |
Developed by flippercode


Google Autosuggest enabled location form to add marker data quickly.
Easy interface to edit or remove existing locations. You can search within your locations.
Quickly create your map with extensive settings and then use a shortcode to display the map.
You can create any number of maps and each map will have own shortcode.
Create a marker category and assign an icon to the category. Choose from +500 ready-made icons.
Manage your markers category easily.
Easy to use Settings page to choose your map language and setup your maps API key.
How to Use page helps you get started quickly.
Add your map in the widget easily.
Display Streetview Controller.
Display traffic real time conditions with traffic layer.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

1.  Upload the <strong>wp-google-map-plugin</strong> directory to the <strong>/wp-content/plugins/</strong> folder

2.  Once the plugin is uploaded log into WordPress and go to <strong>Plugins</strong>

3.  Find the <strong>wp-google-map-plugin</strong>plugin and click Activate Plugin

=How to work=

1. Go to <strong>settings</strong> page of plugin and insert your google maps api key. see full instruction [How to create Api key](http://guide.flippercode.com/googlemaps/docs/how-to-create-an-api-key/)

2. First create your locations using 'Add Location' page.

3. Then create your first map using 'Add Map' page and assign your locations.

4. Each map is assoicated to a shortcode. You can view shortcode on 'Manage Maps' and copy and paste it on your pages or posts. You can display your google maps in the sidebar using widget.


Can I create a custom marker ?

Yes, you can upload your own marker image or you can choose from readymade icons.

Do I need to calculate latitude & longitude myself ?

No, Address field is google autosuggest enabled so you just start typing and choose your address. Latitude & Longitude will be calculated automatically.

How many locations I can assign to the map?

You can assign as many as location you want to display on google maps.

How to display map on page?

Go to ‘Manage Maps’ and copy the shortcode for your map. Each map will have own shortcode. You just paste that on your page.

Can I display map using widget?

Yes, First create your map and then you can display your map in sidebar from widget section.

How to register google maps api key?

Go to Google Maps API console and you can create your google maps api key here. We have a guide Important Changes in Google Mapshttp://bit.ly/292gCV2 for troubleshooting releated to google maps api key.

How to upgrade to pro version?

You can purchase Google Maps Pro Version and then just keep your lite version deactivated and then activate the pro version. You’ll not loss any of your data. Your all data will be migrated to pro version automatically.

Do we have Live Demo?

Yes, You can click on Google Maps Pro Live Demo and mail us at hello at flippercode dot com if any pre-purchase query.

Do we have a Documentation?

Yes, You can click on WP Google Map Pro Guide and you will get all documentation with proper steps and video tutorials.

Do we have offer refund?

Yes, You can get refund any time if pro version is not suitable for you.

Do we have offer customization?

Yes, You can mail us your requirement at hello at flippercode dot com.


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