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This plugin will enable the connection between your app and WooCommerce orders for digital credits usage. It can be used to check the remaining credits in one order, or consume them.


Redirect to your app link on order paid page, carring on the order key.

Let’s assume the order_key=wc_order_xQhmRjJ7, your app URL is, your WordPress URL is

On the order Thank You page, show a button <a href="">Go back to app.EXAMPLE</a>.

In, call with $_POST[ 'num' ] = 'max', assume the consumed credits is 42 in returned JSON.

Add 42 credits into the corresponding user account.


1) Show balance:
Method: GET
Return: {"order_id":45,"status":"completed","balance":"142"}
// NOTE: only the order with status=completed can be consumed credits.

2) Consume 100 credits:
Method: POST
Data: [ 'num' => 100 ]
Return: {"order_id":45,"consumed":"100","balance":"42"}

3) Consume all credits:
Method: POST
Data: [ 'num' => 'max' ]
Return: {"order_id":45,"consumed":"42","balance":"0"}

Order Status

If an order contains only items that have valid credit in product detail, once the order is paid, the status will change to completed automatically instead of processing.

The reason to do this is because some unpaid getways (Bank Wire, Cheque, Cash on delivery) will have status processing once the order is placed while not paid. Thus we can’t use processing to detect if the order is paid or not.

To make the credits in the orders with the unpaid gateways available, please update the order status to completed.

Error Code

HTTP status: 442
Error code: wrong_hash
Description: The order key doesn’t match any order.

HTTP status: 409
Error code: wong_status
Description: The order isn’t in processing/completed status, maybe not paid yet?

HTTP status: 409
Error code: lack_of_param
Description: Need to specify the ammount to consume. Either numeric or a fixed string max.

HTTP status: 409
Error code: lack_of_bal
Description: Not enough balance left in this order.

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