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10Web Facebook Feed – Custom Facebook Feed Plugin


10Web Facebook Feed is the ultimate plugin to display custom Facebook feeds on your website.

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Premium Facebook Feed by 10Web

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Are you trying to link Facebook pages to your WordPress website?

Struggling to match Facebook design with your website’s interface?

Are you stuck with limited sharing options on Facebook?

10Web Facebook Feed Features

Display Facebook Feeds
The plugin fetches your Facebook posts to your website.

Filter Content Types*
Display a specific content type feed: photos, statuses, videos, links or events.

Custom Layouts*
Select a view out of 4 options: Thumbnails, Compact Album. Blog style, and Masonry.

Mobile-Friendly & Responsive
Display your feed perfectly on any device of any size, both mobile and desktop.

Display photos, videos and events in pop-ups with 15 transition effects.

Videos Supported
Videos uploaded on Facebook or shared from YouTube and Vimeo are displayed.

Choose from pre-made or create your own theme.

Sharing Buttons*
Add buttons to your posts to share them on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Sidebar View
Widget allows sidebar view for your Facebook feed.

Automatic Updates
Your feed content updates automatically on your website.

* Premium version only

World Class Customer Support

Low response time
We always respond within a few hours.
Quick issue resolution
Resolving an issue never takes more than 24 hours.


If you have someone who pulls your data from facebook and posts in your website,
then you can fire them. This plugin does the job neatly and keeps everything organised.
You can select whether to posts only photos, videos, events or everything.
You can also set up how often to update the news.
This is really what I was looking for a long time.
Thanks the developers behind this plugin!
by @codi56

I would give this plugin developer an A plus. It is not just a tool for displayng the feed of my Facebook page,
but an easy designer hand to style the feeds and to make them more user-friendly.
Nothing more to look for.
by @adaada

Excellent FB plugin and excellent support. Absolutely worth every penny.
by @praguestreets

How to Display Your Facebook Feed

Install 10Web Facebook Feed Plugin.
Login with Facebook.
Publish your feeds.

Premium version adds

Masonry gallery View
Mosaic gallery View
Single-type content feeds of content from your Facebook wall (photos, videos, albums, events)
Facebook share buttons
Advanced lightbox with comments
Filmstrip for lightbox
Themes to change styles and colors for each view
Multiple layouts – album view for albums, masonry and thumbnail views for Facebook videos and photos, BlogStyle and thumbnail view for Facebook events
Social sharing for feed to Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

Some customizations described here are available in Premium version. Please refer to premium feature summary below.

To have 10Web Facebook Feed plugin up and running you have to create an app on Facebook. This is a required step by Facebook, but it’s pretty easy once you check the plugin’s user guide. Under the plugin’s general options you provide Facebook app ID and secret, and then you can specify the feed auto update interval, choose the date format for posts and events, and more.

Adding feeds is just a matter of a few clicks. You just click on the Add new button from the feeds section of the plugin, and a new window with four setting tabs will open, including settings for the feed, lightbox, comments and events. From the main feed settings you set the page to create a feed with. Under the main settings you can also choose whether you display the whole timeline of the feed, or choose to display only specific content, such as only photos, videos, links or events.

With a Facebook page feed, you can filter out the content based on user roles, and show posts and updates only from the page owner or other users from the group, or both. There is a long list of the lightbox settings you can enable, including social share buttons, showing comments, playing filmstrip, and more. The comments settings mainly include choosing comment filtering option, whether its top level or stream, with the former being the same structure as in Facebook and the latter including all-level comments. Here you can also enable showing the comment replies and choose commenting order.


If you think you found a bug in10Web Facebook Feed or have any problem/question concerning this plugin, please check out Support Forum .

Privacy Policy

The plugin uses Facebook API to get public data from Facebook. All the received data is cached in WordPress database for some short customizable period to provide optimization. You can delete or update cached data. You can optionally enable like button for Facebook page. If you do so, Facebook will load some JS and embedded content which may track visitors. Facebook embeds are regulated under terms of Facebook privacy policy https://www.facebook.com/policy.php.


10Web Facebook Feed – Timeline
10Web Facebook Feed – Videos
10Web Facebook Feed – Mansory view
10Web Facebook Feed – Event
10Web Facebook Feed – Edit Facebook Feed
10Web Facebook Feed – Edit Options
10Web Facebook Feed – Edit Theme


Thank you for your interest in10Web Facebook Feed.

Minimum requirements.

WordPress 3.4+
PHP 5.x
MySQL 5.x

Perform a new installation

After downloading the ZIP file of the plugin,

Log in to the administrator panel.
Go to Plugins Add > New > Upload.
Click “Choose file” (“Browse”) and select the downloaded zip file of the plugin.
Click “Install Now” button.
Click “Activate Plugin” button for activating 10Web Facebook Feed.


What does Facebook Feed plugin do?

10Web Facebook Feed is a completely customizable, responsive solution to help you display your Facebook feed on your WordPress website.

The plugin comes with a number of great features and functionality. Add as many feeds as you want and easily display content from your Facebook page in any posts or pages using shortcodes.

How can I create a Facebook feed with this plugin?

To configure a feed with 10Web Facebook Feed plugin, navigate to 10Web Facebook Feed > Feeds page.

Each feed includes various options which are grouped in tabs:
* Main,
* Lightbox Settings,
* Comments,
* Events.

First, name your feed and set the URL of your Facebook page, for example:


While creating feeds, you can display the full timeline of all posts, or with specific type of data:


What kind of content can I display with my Facebook feed?

Using 10Web Facebook Feed plugin, you can display full Timeline of your Facebook page, as well as Specific data, such as only photos or videos. Use Content Type option under Feed Settings to select this.

With this content type, you can display all posts from the page. Set the number of posts to be displayed. You can choose not to update the feed, and just import selected number of posts once.

Furthermore, you can configure auto-update to sync your feeds with new posts from your Facebook page.

Using Timeline content type, you are able to showcase your posts using stunning Blog Style layout of 10Web Facebook Feed plugin.

Display only photos or videos, albums or events of your Facebook page, using Specific content type. You can choose one of the following four options:


The layouts you can use for Specific feeds differ depending on content type.

Photos and Videos can be showcased with Thumbnails and Masonry layouts,
For Albums you can use Album layout,
For Events you can pick between Thumbnails and Blog Style.

How do I publish Facebook Feed on my website?

You can publish Facebook Feed on a post or page, as well as with a widget.

Publishing on Pages and Posts
To showcase the created feeds on a page or post, you need to use the shortcode of 10Web Facebook Feed. Add or edit the page or post, where you need to have your Facebook feed. Press Add Facebook Feed button and select the feed.

After pressing Insert button, the shortcode will be added to the content of your page or post.

Publishing as a Widget
Navigate to Appearance > Widgets page to begin configuring a Facebook feed widget. Find 10Web Facebook Feed widget and drag it to the necessary widget area. Fill in the following settings and press Save.

Title. Set a title for your Facebook feed widget.
Feed. Select the feed which you wish to showcase.
View. Choose the layout for the feed. Depending on feed content type, this can be set to Blog Style, Album, Masonry and Thumbnails.
Count. Set a constant number of posts which will be displayed with the widget.
Dimensions. Define the dimensions of Facebook feed widget.
Theme. Select the theme for the widget.

How can I change the appearance of Facebook feeds?

Premium version of 10Web Facebook Feed plugin lets you change the appearance of the feeds using its Themes. Navigate to 10Web Facebook Feed > Themes page to make modifications.

WordPress Facebook Feed plugin includes 7 built-in themes, one of which is set to be the default. You can modify these themes or create a new one. You have the option to reset the theme options to their defaults anytime.

Each theme provided by 10Web Facebook Feed plugin consists of the following sections:

Thumbnails. Configure options for thumbnail border, hover effect, transition, margin, padding, view and thumbnail background colors and transparency level, image alignment, image title options, like and comment box options.
Masonry. Configure options for masonry thumbnail border, padding, view and thumbnail background colors and transparency level, like and comment box options, hover effects, image description options.
Compact Album. Configure options for thumbnail border, hover effect, transition, margin, shadow, padding, view and thumbnail background colors and transparency level, image title options, back button options.
Blog Style. Configure options for comments box, Like, share, comment display, hashtags, image captions, location and dates, event, page, profile name and feed overall settings.
Lightbox Page. Configure options for lightbox background, control, toggle, close and navigation buttons, filmstrip options, events and story options,Like, share, comment display, hashtags and comments options.
Navigation. Configure navigation button options, which will be used for masonry, thumbnail, compact album and blog style views.

How can I display comments in the feed?

Comments can appear with the standard structure of Facebook, which displays only Top level comments without replies, as well as Stream, which shows both the comments and their replies.

If you want to use Top level but give a function to show all replies then enable Show replies option. Comment feed can be set either in chronological or reverse chronological order.

Can I modify the appearance of the lightbox?

Lightbox of 10Web Facebook Feed plugin can be used for albums, images, videos, and events. You can change the style of the lightbox from 10Web Facebook Feed > Themes page.

Furthermore, you can modify the features of it using Lightbox Settings tab inside your feed.

Full width lightbox. The output of the full width lightbox will be a large lightbox covering entire display of the used device.
Lightbox dimensions. If you opt for fixed-size lightbox you need to configure its dimensions.
Lightbox effect. There are 15 lightbox effects for image transitions. You can choose one of them or skip it, setting lightbox effect to None.
Lightbox autoplay. Autoplay will change images within given time interval.
Time interval. Set time which will be applied for shifting images in lightbox.
Open comment box. Choose whether to display comments of the image/video/event in lightbox or not.
Show filmstrip in lightbox.

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